Railroad Tank Car Culverts For Sale

Custom Length Tank Car Culverts

Do you need a custom length tank car culvert? We Got You Covered!

Are  you looking for a long lasting low-cost solution for a drainage culvert? A re-purposed railroad tank car might be just what you’re looking for. Railroad tank cars range in size from 7.5 to 10 feet in width. A railroad tank car can carry over 50 tons and can span from 20 to 80 feet carrying a continuous flow of water. We build bridges with railroad tank car culverts. If you’re looking for a 1/2 tank car culvert, We’ve got those too.  just click here.  Do you have questions about our culverts?  Check out the Tank Car Culverts FAQ.

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Railroad Tank Car Culverts For Sale

Re-Purposing Railroad Tank Cars As Drainage Culverts

The Railroad Yard Inc. is Central Oklahoma's largest Shipping Container Vendor.

With more than 80 acres of steel inventory, The Railroad Yard Inc. is truly a steel “megastore,” and its products and services continue to grow. The Railroad Yard, Inc. continues to serve county road and bridge projects in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri, supplying counties with steel bridge beams and tank car culverts.

Easy Roll-Off Delivery - No Crane Needed

Save the cost of a crane. When the Railroad Yard delivers your tank car, it can be easily rolled off the truck at the spot where you intend to install it. No crane is needed at the site.

Tank Car Culverts For Bridges

Culvert Prices:

The cost of railroad tank car culverts varies. It depends on whether you are looking to buy a tank car culvert or a 1/2 tank culvert. Additionally it’s based on the distance traveled from the Railroad Yard inc. to the culvert installation site so it’s hard to put an exact number on how much they cost without knowing a few things first. Fill out the form below for a quick quote and we’ll get you a price right away. They are priced competitively based on the current market price. The Railroad Yard Inc. is Central Oklahoma’s largest Shipping Container Vendor. We have great culvert prices. Fill out the form below for a free quick quote.

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