Big Culverts For Sale

big culverts for sale

If you’ve got a small creek or waterway that needs a bridge for crossing, a tank car culvert would be just the thing you need to start your project. An old railroad tank car with the ends removed makes a great culvert. Tank cars are made of steel that’s over 1/2 and inch thick. Tank cars are typically 7/16″ to 1/2″ in wall thickness.
thick walls which makes them much stronger than corrugated culverts. You can get them in lenghts from around 30 to 60 feet.

When a railroad tank car is removed from service and turned into a culvert, all the plumbing and valves are cut off and smoothed out. holes are welded shut.

Using tank cars for culverts is good for ease of installation as well. You can push these tank car culverts around withe a dozer without damaging them as you might if you were working with a regular corrugated culvert.  Do you have questions about our culverts?  Check out the Tank Car Culverts FAQ.

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Tank Car Culvert Bridge