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Tank Cars

We offer used tank cars from ~8’ diameter to ~10’ diameter. These are re-purposed railroad tanks that make great culverts/ bridges. These stock cars will be ~1/2” thick and anywhere from 30’ – 50’ in length. We can also custom build a tank car culvert to any length that you require. Tank Cars are much cheaper option than the traditional wooden bridge.

RRY Trade Show Page

1/2 Tank Cars

These are tanks that we have split in half. They have a steel floor and steel head walls. The beauty of a ½ culvert is you can still get all the flow without the height. They are a much cheaper option then the traditional wooden bridge. 1/2 Tank Cars Stillwater, OK.

RRY Trade Show Page

Steel Pipe

With over 80 acres of inventory, we keep in stock all sizes of pipe and steel for any project big or small. Steel Pipe Stillwater ok

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